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Take your Time for Culture!

Our Philosophy

More Culture

"Take your time for culture!" At the present time, culture has a hard time. Public funds for culture are cut, artistic action areas are restricted or even completely withdrawn. This 'cultural reduction' conveys the image that culture no longer has any valuable and decisive significance for society. The result, this seemingly diminished importance, is a decreasing interest of the population in cultural activities.

Support for Cultural Projects

The core purpose of the Helmut Arenz Kulturstiftung is the promotion of cultural projects of all kinds. Managing Director of the foundation, which was founded in Düsseldorf in 2007, is Helmut Arenz. In addition, a board of currently 10 members supports the developments of the Helmut Arenz Cultural Foundation, the KULTURFABRIK.

Our Range

KULTURFABRIK's portfolio of services caters to a wide range of the arts (for example, music, dance, drama, vernissages, fashion, readings / lectures, painting, photography, shows, and special events) at a first-class and selected level. Here is a platform for exceptional, but also for well-known artists offered. The KULTURFABRIK offers artists the opportunity to present their art and share it with others.

Children and Teenagers

In addition, integrative projects with children and adolescents are the focus of the foundation. Especially children and adolescents are introduced to cultural activities while at the same time having fun and passion for art and culture. In addition to the representative performance, numerous workshops, courses, competitions and training courses are also intended to attract interested parties to KULTURFABRIK
The totality of the intellectual, artistic, creative achievements of a community.
as an expression of human higher development.

Take your Time for Culture

The Helmut Arenz Kulturstiftung has set itself the task of establishing a CULTURAL FACTORY to promote a variety of cultural activities. This means that the most diverse segments of culture should be brought closer to the people locally, regionally and nationally. In addition, particularly integrative projects are the focus of the foundation. Especially children and adolescents are introduced to cultural actions and at the same time, fun and passion for art and culture are awakened.

On the upper floor there will be a small hall from 2019, which serves as an action area for the many facets of art. Music, dance, drama, lectures, lectures, trainings, exhibitions, vernissages, finissages, shows, but also fashion shows, cinemas, competitions or even special events such as art dinner or theme evenings on a first class and selected level. It is also conceivable that individual events are accompanied by charity events of various kinds.

All in all, the KULTURFABRIK will be a small but exquisite cultural oasis for all age groups with "culture to touch and experience" as well as a platform for extraordinary, well-known artists.

Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated.
- Oscar Wilde -


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