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May 2023

Angelika Beier
SA 06.05.2023 - 19:00

Höhepunkte zwischen Sex und 60

Are you occasionally overcome by a strange heaviness in bed at 10 o'clock in the evening? Do you ask yourself when you look in the mirror "am I old already, or will I be again? Do you dream of daring sex on the kitchen table, or is the Thermomix always ready there? Do you prefer solving Sudoku puzzles instead of thinking about Kamasutra, Tantra and captivating sex?
If you can answer yes to at least one of these questions, then you have reached the end of your youth and are ready for Angelika Beier's new programme. You will accompany her on her tours and also find out what happens behind the scenes.
The best and funniest of the last 10 years!
What were the highlights of her life and that of her friends?
-Was it the Tantra seminar with aching buttocks and light sex! -Or was it Gisa`s bondage games with her Willi , including firefighting -Aunt Else, and her passion for callboys - Mizzi`s trip to Africa where the boys are especially crisp and black -the completely renewed Russian Katica and her hot relationship with boxer Vladimir Klitschko, and they learn all about the secret passion that connects all men!!!!
And they are all together: Angelika Beier, multiple personality or humorous vagabond on the trail of several escapes: successful and failed, exciting, absurd ... spiced with eerily beautiful songs. You too can escape! Even if it's only for one evening. Treat yourself to a TIME-OUT with Fanny, because life is too beautiful to spend it at home on the couch.


18,00 Euro box office
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