Josep Coll Bardolet

Special exhibition from 15.06.2024 - 10.08.2024
Born in 1912, the painter Josep Coll Bardolet is one of the most renowned Catalan painters of the 20th century. After fleeing the Spanish Civil War, he returned to Valldemossa on Mallorca in 1940. During the civil war, Coll Bardolet learnt how to use paint and brushes at several French and Belgian art schools. His paintings tell of the beauty of the Mallorcan landscape and the joie de vivre of the folk dances of his Catalan homeland, in which he simultaneously lives out his enthusiasm for colour. Capturing the fleetingness of a magical moment on paper was one of his strengths. The painter, who died in 2007, reproduced these moments and experiences as mostly quick drawings. He left behind a large number of works that tell of the beauty of nature, the love of life and Catalan traditions.
The photographs of his friend and long-time companion Helmut Arenz provide a deeper insight into the life of the old Bardolet. Arenz got to know and appreciate the Catalan painter during various stays in Valldemossa. Whenever the opportunity arose, he accompanied Bardolet with his camera. His photographs show an artist in the creative process, whether in nature or in the studio. The reportage-style photographs also capture important moments in the painter's life, such as birthdays and celebrations or the establishment of the "Coll Bardolet" foundation in Valldemossa in 2005, which manages and publicises the artist's estate of works. The photographs show a painter who loves nature, colours and life.
Photos of the vernissage
15.06.2024 - 10.06.2024
Freitag und Samstag 10:00 - 15:00 Uhr

Die Kulturfabrik Ilmenau
Oberweg 2
98693 Ilmenau OT Langewiesen
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